MDC Rubber Expansion Joints are designed to relief stress in piping systems, compensate for axial, lateral, torsional and angular movement, reduce noise, and isolate vibration, specifically as pump connectors.
MDC products can be custom-built in a variety of styles and configurations. MDC offers flanged and slip-on connections, single or multiple arches, and a range of elastomers to meet process conditions, including Teflon-lined joints for severely corrosive applications.
Standards and Specials include a great variety of materials (see table):
• Neoprene
• Gum Rubber
• Natural Rubber
• Butyl
• Chlorobutyl
• Buna-N / Nitrile
• SBR / GRS / Buna-S
• Hypalon®
• Viton® / Fluorel®
• Silicone
• Teflon® / TFE / FEP
• Most above materials available Teflon lined
• For custom applications where internal and external conditions require different materials, we can fabricate joints with different tube and cover elastomers.
We can offer special flange drillings, higher pressures or movements than listed standards, filled arches, and other options with most models.
Control units or control cables are offered for movement restriction or containment of pressure thrust force.
Additional elastomer physical and chemical properties comparison, temperature limits, mating flange thicknesses, sound limiting characteristics and other pertinent details are described in the Technical Information section of this site.
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