Since its inception, Mark David Canada Inc. and Railmex Inc. have been heavily involved in fabrication and distribution of diesel engine parts.
Our fabrication capacity includes exhaust manifolds, bellows connectors, some gaskets and a variety of machined parts.

We forged long lasting relationships with a variety of reputable manufacturers and are in a position to offer over 60,000 parts related to heavy diesel engines and locomotive components.
Today, we service: Locomotive, Marine and Stationary (gen-set) markets.
Our particular area of expertise involves Alco/Bombardier, General Electric and EMD (General Motors) engines, but we also offer selected parts for other brands, such as Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Waukesha, etc.

Our markets include parts resellers, engine rebuilders, Class I railroads, Short Line railroads, marine companies, Coast Guard, and some OEM clients. Ours is a truly global market, spanning all continents.

We have the capacity to develop any existing or new OEM manifold sections or bellows connectors.
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