MDC Hose and Braided Hose Connectors are specifically designed to dampen or suppress noise, absorb vibration, accommodate thermal expansion and stresses, and adjust or correct for misalignment in piping system.

The flexible hose connector performs a different function from that of an expansion joint in that the connector flexes and bends but does not extend or compress axially.

MDC Flexible Metal Hose fulfills the needs of industry in having the unique properties of metals: high strength and high resistance to temperature and corrosion. In some of its forms, flexible metal hose also serves as ducting, armor and conduit, again using to advantage the flexing ability of metals.
When corrugated, a metal hose is subjected to high internal pressure, the hose is elongated beyond its ability to recover. The corrugations are stretched out of shape and the flexibility of hose is impaired.

It is necessary therefore, to equip the hose with a device which can flex with the hose, and prevent the elongation under internal pressure. The outer braid is just such a device.

MDC Braid is a tubular sheath of metal wires woven in a basket weave fashion. It is made to fit snugly over the hose and is fastened to the ends of the hose. It is designed to be strong enough to withstand elongation for the full pressure rating of the hose. The braid alloy is usually similar to that of the hose with which it is used, but may be different for reasons of strength, corrosion resistance, etc.
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