Established in 1985, RAILMEX INC. has always maintained a level of commitment to our customers in upholding the highest standards of quality and excellence. This corporate mentality continues today, after the acquisition of RAILMEX INC. by MARK DAVID CANADA INC. (MDC) in 2009.

Our principal business charter is dedicated to providing services and products to our clients in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We will always continue this philosophy and build alliances with our customers as we provide not only quality products and services but also long term solutions to their needs.
MDC’s RAILMEX Division is a fabricator and supplier of various pipe motion related products. This site is designed to be a working tool for the selection of our products by engineers, estimators, maintenance personnel, purchasing agents, contractors and others.

MDC welcomes national and international inquiries for most of the product lines we carry. Almost all of our products can be supplied with European (DIN), Imperial (BSS) and American (ANSI) fittings. Other fittings standards and special designs can also be offered. In addition, MDC supplies a variety of spare parts for diesel locomotive, marine and stationary engines of Alco, Bombardier, General Electric, EMD, and other brands.
MDC designs, fabricates and distributes various products related to pipe motion. We offer the widest selection of flexible connectors, expansion joints, pipe guides, supports, anchors, hose assemblies and diesel engine exhaust components. Bellows are offered in all market available materials and configurations. Most items are custom made, but some are standard, stock items, especially rubber and Teflon expansion joints, expansion compensators, or wall penetration seals.
Our products are designed to absorb pipe movement or stress, reduce system noise, isolate mechanical vibration, compensate alignment/offset, protect against start-up / surge forces, guide or support a moving pipe or anchor the entire system.
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