Bellows Expansion Joints are engineered components which require careful attention when designing a piping system. This site provides the technical information required by a system designer.
By continuing to select MDC’s products, you can be assured of receiving reliable, high quality and safe piping components.
MDC Metal Bellows Expansion Joints are known for their superior flexibility. The bellows are able to compensate for large movements in the axial, lateral and angular direction or mechanical vibration. MDC Bellows ensure the lowest possible forces combined with extreme longevity. This makes MDC Expansion Joints and Compensators ideal components to minimize stress and strain in pipes and extend the life of any piping system exposed to elevated temperatures.

MDC Flexible Bellows Connectors ensure that suction and discharge nozzles of pumps and compressors are protected from high forces and movements and that vibration is not transmitted into the piping system. This will increase the durability of rotary equipment and reduce the noise level throughout the entire system.
MDC Bellows Expansion Joints offer a cost effective alternative to other expansion devices while optimizing the productive life of the piping system. MDC expansion joints are designed to last as long as the system. All units meet the Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA).
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