Drawing on more than 36 years of experience in the world of ALCO, EMD and GE Diesel engines and parts, Mark David Canada Inc. is the destination of choice for any and all diesel engine requirements.

Having provided engineering support and products to several hundred customers in the Locomotive, Marine, and Gen-Set sectors, we have the experience, competence, and expertise to meet the needs of any member of the industry.

Our strength is, and has always been, our ability to gauge the pulse of the market and offer readily available inventory of all our popular products. Our long lasting and loyal relationships with part manufacturers and resellers all over the world has also enabled us to acquire any and all products, no matter how difficult they are to source. Let our expertise save you time and effort and further improve your ability to react quickly and efficiently in this challenging business environment.

In addition to our ever-growing array of products, Mark David Canada prides itself on its industry leading Remanufacturing Program. Along with the recent and exciting acquisition of the Railmex division, a fabricator of Pipe Motion Products and Exhaust Manifolds, whether you need Pistons, Valves, Rings, or Liners, Mark David Canada can help.
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